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Installation guide

To install Infiltration, you have to follow several steps:


  1. Install UT99
    This can be done by installing your own copy of the UT99 program, or by downloading the "UT99 demo" and patch it to version 4.36 by executing the specific patch.
  2. Install the Infiltration community edition
    After this, infiltration should be able to run.
  3. Install the needed patches for XploD servers
    Downlaod every file, and unzip them. After this, move the extracted files to the correct folders:
    *.u + *.int -> UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Community\System
    *.uax -> UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Community\Sounds\
    *.utx -> UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Community\Textures\
    *.umx -> UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Community\Music\